Dear Chorus,
1) Sing into Spring was a smashing success, thanks to everyone who helped in so many ways.  We are thankful to Nancy Tougas and Cindy Marshall of CNS, with Judy Sedgewick and Heather Campbell Curry of HYC, for running the show.  Carole Ganz made sure we were all very well-fed!  Fred MacArthur, Frank Corbin, and Helen Greene accompanied us on keyboard, along with Joe Gibbons and Stephen Moore on guitars (and more).  The HYC kids serenaded us with beauty AND humor, and Sunny conducted us all with her usual joy and flair.
And then there was YOU!  We are grateful to all the donors, attendees, bidders, and invisible elves.  Thank you!
Nancy Tougas adds a thank-you of her own:

To the Unsung Heroes of last weekend’s event:

The Town of Ipswich plow trucks who, knowing that we had an event that night, returned at least twice to clear the parking lot;  the husbands of Heather Campbell Curry and Nancy Tougas who shoveled the walkways; the many HYC parents who set up and took down the room; Carole Ganz who organized a fabulous array of food; Gordon Florists who donated floral displays; and Cindy Marshall who was everywhere doing everything, always with a smile and good humor…THANK YOU!

And to those who contributed: we are working on thank you notes and receipts for your donations.  There isn’t enough room to thank you all in this space – but you know who you are.

Warmest regards,
Nancy Tougas

2) Praise Page in the concert program:  The upcoming concert program will contain a “Praise Page.”  For $5, you can purchase a line of text, in which you sing someone’s praises!  Your line might go something like this: “We praise SUSIE SMITH for her care and love.”  (We suggest that your text be short and sweet, so that it can fit onto one line.)  Cindy Marshall will have forms for you to fill out at rehearsal.  In order for Cindy to have our praises ready for the concert program deadline, the Praise Page deadline is April 24.
3) Ads for the concert program are due on May 1.  Please go forth and sell!  Ads are an important source of revenue for us, and they help us foster connections around our neighborhoods.  Ad forms are available on the chorus website in the members section; Marianne also brings a few to rehearsal. 
4) The concert program needs people to run it next year!  Marianne, Kathy, and B.B. are in production now, and we urge some brave Somebodies to join them to learn the ropes.  You don’t need to sign onto the job forever: we can work to bring in new folks to help down the road.  But we do need somebody to step in ASAP.  It takes work, communication, and organization – but as Marianne, Kathy, and B.B. will attest, it’s also very satisfying to produce such a beautiful product.
5) Posters and postcards for our concert are available at rehearsal.  If you take postcards to mail, remember that you need a stamp!  (The postal indicia on them only works for our bulk mailings.)  The postcards also fit nicely in those little widows toward the back of a car: you can be a moving advertisement!  Please also take some posters to hang up.  I’ve attached a link to the poster image (Laura posted one last week as well), for you to send to friends, post to your Facebook, and so on.
That’s all for now.  Stay dry this week, and we’ll see you on Monday!
Kristin and Jane

Concert Poster: