1.  One more week to sell ads.  They are due to Jane Axelrod Davis next Monday, the 29th – the same night we will be in costume for Halloween (some of us anyway).  Also, the “tribute page” with your Holiday wishes for the program are due to Cindy Marshall.

2.  As many of you remember, during the “Musicological Journey” twelve drummers (Souza) we wave flags at the end of the piece, at the “four calling birds” part.  Flags will be available for 25 cents in a week or two.  Sunny will provide additional details soon.

3.  Ladies only:  There has been a Board decision to permit pants to be worn for concert attire, instead of a skirt.  However, the pants need to have wide, loose fitting legs – no yoga pants, no black jeans.  Keep in mind that skirts may be a bit cooler during a concert…

4.  The posters advertising the Christmas concert look fabulous – please make sure to take some with you from rehearsal and spread the word to your local community haunts (library, bank, grocery, etc).  We want to have a full house!!

5)  Speaking of the concert, we are again looking for a volunteer with a truck and a trailer hitch to haul the risers to the concert venue during concert week. As I remember, there is just one round trip – to get them to dress rehearsal and then back to Hamilton (my house) after the Sunday afternoon concert. Please see Patsy or me if you can help with this.

6.  Please check the Chorus website, where you will find last week’s update, for information about the GoFundMe page to benefit the family of John Petre-Baumer whose lives have been totally disrupted by Hurricane Michael.

Thank you and have a great week!

Jennifer and Patsy