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Dear Chorus,

1)  As you all know, the ads which are sold by Chorus members produce the income for our high quality concert program.  It is very important that each member do their very best to reach out to people in the community you interact with, such as doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers, etc, and ask if they would be willing to support us through the purchase of an ad in the program.  Jane Axelrod-Davis coordinates the ads and urges all of you to contact her with any questions about the details. (Jane’s email is  Forms for the ads are available at rehearsals and online; the last day to submit ads is April 29th.   A clarification:  if you sell an ad for three programs, the ad will be in the programs for June 2019, December 2019, and June 2020. 
2)  Cindy Marshall is coordinating the dedication page for the program.  Each line is $5.00 and the due date for all submissions is April 22nd.
3)  Trish will have plastic magazine holders available for sale at 50 cents each.  Please have exact change for the quantity you are purchasing.  Many thanks to Barbara Vogel for tracking down and purchasing these.
4)  Reminder:  Monday, April 15th – Patriot’s Day and School Vacation – we will be rehearsing at Our Lady of Hope.
See you Monday – have a great week. 
Jennifer and Patsy