Welcome returning and new Chorus members.

Sunny was very pleased with our first rehearsal. We rehearsed the first and last movements of Messiah. Some expressed concern learning the Amens in No. 32 “Worthy is the Lamb.” Hang in there: it will come together. It always does. You will love singing this beautiful music in December.

From our music coordinator, Trish Everitt:

Prior to rehearsal this Monday, September 16, music sales will begin at 6:45. If you completed the music survey distributed last semester, a music packet has been prepared for you based on your requests. Bring your Messiah score and any March concert music you already own. Payment is by cash (exact change, please) or check payable to Chorus North Shore with “music” on the memo line. Sunny will rehearse some choruses from Messiah and will piggyback selections from the March concert. To see a complete list of the selections for the March concert, visit www.chorusnorthshore.org and go to the Members section. (Password sunny) and look for “Pre-season Update Fall 2019.” All music must be in black binders for concerts. We have a limited number of “magazine holders” for sale for use in three ring binders at $.50 each. We will take orders for string binders for the Messiah scores in a few weeks. You are strongly urged to put the March concert music in a binder sooner rather than later. Note: Gettysburg music has not yet come in.

If you have any questions regarding music, please contact Trish at peveritt@yahoo.com or 978-356-4787.

The weekly raffle will begin this week. Tickets are $1.00, with the raffle winner keeping fifty percent of the proceeds and the other fifty percent going toward the rental for our rehearsal space. Participation in the raffle is voluntary.

There were some complaints of folks talking during rehearsal. Please abstain from doing this! It is disrespectful to Sunny and distracting for everyone around you.

If you are sitting in chairs not on the risers, please return them to the stands outside the rehearsal room or to the band room.

Finally: New ladies — please meet with Jo-Ann Duncan to be measured for your concert attire. She will be available at our next two rehearsals beginning at 7:10 pm in the band room next to our rehearsal room.

Best wishes,
Anne and Penny