2019-2020 Officers

Co-Presidents:  Penny Jones, Anne Mills

Treasurer:  Mike Coleman

Secretary:  Carole Ganz

2019 - 2020 Board of Trustees

Anne Marie Baldisserotto
Suzanne Bicknell
Laura Dietz
Donald Dowden
Carole Funchion
Carol Ganz
Penny Jones

Donn Kurjan
Marya Machart
Cynthia Marshall

Anne Mills
Tom Schmidt

Mary Sepich
Sarah Simon

Although the elected Board of Trustees is responsible for policy decisions and dedicates many hours keeping our organization running smoothly, all members are encouraged to volunteer! It’s a great way to get to know other singers and to offer your time and talents to accomplish the many tasks required to run our organization. Consider offering your help on any of the following committees:

LIBRARIAN:  Our librarian, Betty Dorman is responsible for ordering, cataloging, filing, distributing and collecting music from our extensive library.

PRODUCTION:  Many hands are needed to transport and set up risers for our concerts.

MAILINGS:  The Chorus sends out several bulk mailings during the year. Your help with stuffing and sorting is greatly appreciated. Also, we need everyone’s help in keeping our mailing list up-to-date.

PUBLICITY:  Working with our Publicity Committee to distribute posters, flyers, and press releases is a great help in advertising our concerts.

FUNDRAISING:  All members of the Chorus are on this committee since everyone is encouraged to support the Chorus financially by selling program advertising, concert tickets, adding names to our fundraising list and participating in other fundraising events such as our Auction.

OUTREACH:  An important part of our mission statement is to encourage an interest in and knowledge of music in our community. We actively recruit students as singers and encourage students to further their education in music.