Honors Youth Choir

Honors Youth Choir
Honors Youth Choir

Over the years, Chorus North Shore has worked with local area schools to promote choral singing by inviting students to sing with us for credit. We realized, however, that our strategic plan required a more focused approach toward educational outreach.

As a community arts organization, we are particularly sensitive to the cutbacks in funding and support that have steadily eroded the music programs in schools throughout the North Shore. The Honors Youth Choir of Chorus North Shore is a fully funded program allowing children aged 10 through high school the opportunity to learn and perform choral masterworks along with Chorus North Shore, and present extraordinary concerts on their own.

By establishing The Honors Youth Choir of Chorus North Shore, we are able to accomplish several goals for Chorus North Shore:

  • provide an avenue for young singers to learn basic vocal techniques and ear training
  • introduce young singers to a life-long love of choral music
  • offer an opportunity for a children’s choir to work with a premier adult chorus and orchestra
  • reach out to a new audience in the communities we serve

The Honors Youth Choir is selected by audition. The students range from ages 10 through high school, and must attend scheduled rehearsals and concerts. The Chorus North Shore Artistic Director, Sonja Dahlgren Pryor and Executive Director, Mary Sepich bring their experience as life long educators and musicians to the planning and development of this special group.

Visit our Concerts page for a listing of Honors Youth Choir concert dates.